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  • The Human Algorithm Project provides a service that provides an Emotional Development Structure; Lifestyle Management Structure and Problem Simplification Structure that can be used by Adults and Children across different problems issues and challenges. We are now using our experience, knowledge and understanding of problem and solution structures to provide Actualisation. Actualisation helps us reveal and unlock the secrets of human behaviour and activities in positive and productive ways. As part of The Human Algorithm Project we created The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform along with new concepts, ideas, tools, processes, systems, structures and Applications. These can be used across Businesses and Organisations for management and problem solving purposes. We write books, invent new approaches to understand, improve and better manage problem dynamics and human dynamics; and we invent, develop and provide our own specialist solutions and we own the Intellectual Property from our work. Our services include consultancy, training and designing solutions using our unusual skill sets and speciallist knowledge and experiences. We license our material into the global market. Please contact us to discuss any area where we may be able to help you.
  • We can provide HAP as a service to support HR Departments, Businesses and Organisations when they have complex and difficult issues to deal with an they need outside help and support. We can also provide Genesis Programmes to Professionals working in stressful and difficult environments that help to promote Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger and other issues that debilitate people and that affects their performance at work.
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  • Mr David John Sheridan is available for public speaking and for events and activities in the UK and outside of the UK. Please contact us with details of the event.
  • Trainers, consultants and other professionals People and organisations who wish to use our material for training, consultancy and other purposes need to be trained, licensed and registered with us.
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  • These are our company contact details and you can contact Mr David Sheridan with them. Our company was established in September 2000 in the UK.
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