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My name is David J. Sheridan and I am an original and creative thinker.

My background involved solving problems in different areas, Building, Engineering, Business, Management and Therapy. I often had to innovate new solutions and find different ways of looking at and understanding problems; so as to find new solutions.

As I moved more into Human involved problems I realised that there was room for improvement. I spent a number of years working with an Alcohol clinical detox team and an Alcohol charity. I went back to college with The Richmond Fellowship to learn more about Human Behaviours. I trained as a Hypnotherapist. During this time I also set up my own Therapy clinic and began working with Weight, Obesity, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and other issues to find better ways of understanding and working with them.

I am a natural innovator and designer. So over time I began looking at the different treatments and approaches to solving and working with complex problems. I noticed that there were problem solving cultures which developed and created a format for understanding and working with different problem groups. These cultures exist for personal, work, social and organisational problems.

The more I looked at and understood the cultures that were applied to problems, for example Weight and Obesity, the more I could see that often these cultures failed to understand the real architecture of the problem they were working with. This failure to properly understand leads to improper and ineffective solutions that can waste a lot of resources.

This is easily seen in the increase in people with Weight problems, which includes children, and the increase in associated diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and morbidity and the future costs that these solution failures will have for Health, Welfare, Work and Social systems.

With my work I am doing something new. Something that has not been done before.

I am looking at the Patterns and Structures of Human Behaviours, Actions and Activities; and I am seeing them as Human Algorithm's®. Doing this helps me and my clients to see the real Architecture of different problems and new ways to understand and fix them. This gives us a new Perspective to apply to the problem and to the solution that the problem really requires.

Applying new solution formats means that we can increase the probability of achieving successful outcomes and changing the nature of problems permanently. This work is part of The Human Algorithm® Project and I have spent 15-years working with understanding problems and designing and developing new solutions. Few people have been able to have this level and type of experience.

A way to understand what I do is to think of Life Customisation. I help people to achieve the Life that they want through designing an approach that helps them to do this. So my Personal Development Programmes are all bespoke.

I believe in the effectiveness of what I do and I know, through experience, what the value of my work has for those that I work with. It is life changing!

People end up consulting me when they have had enough of a particular lifestyle, a problem or a way that they feel or think about themselves. Sometimes they consult me with all of these things happening at the same time.

A question I ask my clients is: Imagine that you had the life that you really wanted. What would the life that you really want look like?

My work involves a mixture of Consultancy, Coaching, Teaching, Experiential Learning, Therapy and Mentoring. These are all the skills that are required to do the complex and difficult work that I do. In addition to this I use the Knowledge, Skills and Experience from my unusual life and life experience.

To compliment all this I also use material from my books and knowledge, experience and skills from The Human Algorithm® Project and the different types of solutions that I have developed and applied over many years.

I created The Human Algorithm® Project to invent and develop a new approach and a new format for working with problems that involved people. Using this new approach and new format I would then be able to create new solutions that solved a range of problems.

David Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London 2017

David J. Sheridan in London 

In my work with The Human Algorithm® Project, I have focused on understanding and working with Hybrid problems. These are complex problems that, despite the range of existing solutions, are growing in number, size and complexity.

My intent with this Project was to find better ways of understanding and working with the building blocks of problems and solutions. We can think of this as being the DNA that determines what the problem with be and how it will grow over time. By understanding the DNA of problems and solutions in better ways; we can then use this knowledge to develop more effective and longer lasting solutions.

From the Medical perspective my interest is in being able to go some way to reducing the disparity between Mental and Physical Treatments. In reality many of the problems which are growing at scale (Weight, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression) are a hybrid of Mental and Physical processes. When we focus too much on the physical we reduce the effectiveness of solutions as it leaves an important part of the problem untouched.

The characteristics of the problems I work with are:

Involve Mental, Emotional, Psychological, Behaviour Development and have characteristics which are shown physically.

For example: Weight, Obesity, Anorexia, Bulimia and Depression,

Other conditions include: PTSD, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, a general malaise. Which also produces physical affects.

The problem will have persisted for some time; perhaps decades.

Treatment has probably been provided before for this problem but it has failed to stick.

The person is willing to work with me and make a commitment to improving, resolving or better managing the problem. I can help them to achieve great results but I cannot do the work for them that they need to do.

I provide the following:

Personal Development using Genesis Programmes©™

Consultancy & Mentoring

Genesis Programmes

Genesis Programmes have been invented and developed as a result of work done by The Human Algorithm® Project.

The Human Algorithm® Project has the view, that for many people, their Brains do not have use of the right structures, skills and information; for their Minds to be able to understand, work with, process, manage and generally deal with what may be causing or contributing to what they feel and experience (Their Problem).

If there is missing information, missing structures, an inability to focus on the right things; if there is the belief that it wont really work this time but I hope that it might; then how do we introduce the missing pieces to the puzzle that can really make a difference to the Brain, the Mind and ultimately, the Person and the problems that they experience?

We use the Genesis Programmes to do this work with problems such as Weight and Obesity Problems, Depression and other Life debilitating conditions. Genesis Programmes provide a great foundation on which to build.

You can read more about Genesis Programmes by following this link.

My Books

I have written a number of books related to the work of The Human Algorithm® Project and material from these books is used within the work of the Clinic.

The book titles include the following 6 titles:

Self Esteem for Imperfect People

The Perfect Life Diet for Imperfect People with Weight Problems

An Introduction to The Human Dynamics Matrix - Restricted distribution.

Weight Control The Hi-Way - Updated 2218

Inspire & Motivate Yourself to Achieve Something Positive!

From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps

All these books are available from Amazon.

Becoming a Client of The David Sheridan Clinic

I work with many challenging problems which are complex and difficult. To do this effectively I have a process to make sure that I can help someone.

Before I take on a client we need to meet and undertake an informal interview. The meeting will normally take place at my Registered Office where my Clinical work is also undertaken.

When required I can arrange to meet someone in other suitable locations and provide off site sessions; subject to acceptable arrangements.

Client Interview' s are a chargeable service. Once the Interview has taken place I can then provide an outline of the work required and an indication of the costs for that piece of work.

My clients have to be prepared to commit to their Personal Development with their time and there is an economic commitment required.

I can work with Adults and Children subject to acceptable arrangements and conditions.

I can provide a mobile clinic for certain clients (working at their homes or nearby venues).

I am looking to develop new clients in Central London who would appreciate Original Thinking and high quality solutions.


Our Registered Office

Our Registered Office & Clinic in Derbyshire

I are happy to have a no obligation chat with you about any Personal, Professional or Business issue. Please contact Mr David J. Sheridan on 07787 503646 or contact us using our Contact Details.

To read more about The Human Algorithm® Project please click this link.

To read more about The Human Algorithm® Project please click this link.

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The Human Algorithm helps people to achieve through understanding.

The Human Algorithm® Project has been innovated, designed and developed by
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