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The Human Algorithm Project created by David J. Sheridan: The Quiet Genius.

Improving The Understanding and Management of 21st Century Challenges
By Mr David J. Sheridan

My work with The Human Algorithm® Project is about understanding iceberg challenges and creating Tools, Methodologies, Systems, Structures and Applications; that allow us to see, understand, measure, manage and work with these challenges; so as to influence them in positive ways over the medium to long term; so as to achieve better sustainable outcomes.

To achieve this, we are using The Human Algorithm® Project to increase people's Literacy of the Patterns & Structures of Human Behaviours & Human Activities; and how these lead to the development, growth and maintenance of the 21st Century Iceberg Challenges that they face. We then use this increased Literacy process to improve, resolve and better manage those Challenges.

My objective is to work with both the structure (Architecture) of the problem, so as to change longer term outcomes; and with the people who experience them, so as to improve their skills and abilities going forwards by helping them to learn and apply our new Common Platform; which provides access to increased Literacy of Problem Structures and Human Behaviours for the Challenge that they face.

To make things easier for people we have created Applications which provide the structure, tools, methodologies and Human Intelligence (Hi)©™ required to successfully achieve and maintain positive outcomes.

The Range of 21st Century Challenges we have been focusing on with The Human Algorithm® Project, cover the areas of:

Personal - Social - Work - Business - Organisational - Industry - Health - Welfare - Corporate

The Industry, Corporate, Business and Organisational Challenges include:

Productivity - Engagement - Contiguous Improvement - Quality - Simplicity - Leadership & Management

The Personal, Social, Health & Welfare Challenges include:

Weight - Obesity - Diabetes - Stress - Anxiety - Depression - PTSD - Anger - Substance Abuse - Strategic Lifestyle Management

What we do is delivered through Training - Workshops - Programmes - Consultancy - Public Speaking - Joint Ventures and Licensing. Contact Us if you would like to see how we can help you.

Many challenges are like icebergs; large parts of them are hidden from our view.

Many Challenges are like icebergs; essential parts are hidden!

Looking at the part of the Iceberg that sits beneath the water line

The reality is that these 21st Century Challenges are complex and difficult to understand, manage and change. They consist of many different components, including; People, Systems, Processes, Leadership & Management Methodologies, Philosophies, Cultures, Chaos, Economic Constraints, Resources Management and Organisational Structures.

Dealing with any one of these components is difficult; dealing with all of them at the same time seems impossible; unless we can do something unexpected which can impact all the component parts of any 21st Century Challenge in a new way.

With very few exceptions; all the 21st Century Challenges that we face Involve People, are Experienced by People, are Managed by People, are Controlled by People, are Understood by People and they all involve Human Behaviours and Human Activities.

Looking into the unknown and the unseen that supports the tip of the Iceberg

When we look at what drives someone's Behaviours and Activities we see that they are often influenced by things that they don't understand and can't control.

Most of the time people have no awareness relating to their subconscious behaviors and the reasons behind why they make choices. 

What people do; how they relate to any given topic, is pre-organised by a combination of their Logic and the Unconscious Structure that they have developed and refer too. How their Logic and their Unconscious Structure work together influences their Behaviours and Activities; it also influences their Achievements.

People rarely see and understand how their Logic and their Unconscious Structure work together; and how this affects their Behaviours and Activities in the wider world.

This is why we need to define a process that allows us to access that information and influence behaviour changes at both the Logical level (tip of the iceberg) and at the level of the Unconscious Structure (the part hidden below the water line).

To continue with the Iceberg analogy; we need to work with the whole iceberg structure and not just the obvious bit at the top.

We developed The Human Algorithm® Project to do this.

Learning lessons from Human History, Social and Economic Development and Industrialisation

When The Human Algorithm® Project was being developed, I recognised that I wanted to do something different from everyone else; and I wanted to create something different from everyone else.

As part of doing this I needed to look into the structures and fabric of major challenges; and see what other people were missing and why?

I was looking for the Fundamental Building Blocks of Challenges and to understand how they were put together and how we could re-arrange them and influence them; so as to change the direction of travel of major challenges.

To do this you have to think in different ways and work with concepts in different ways.

I had several "Eureka" moments during this project. In one of those moments I realised the importance of Numeracy and Literacy for Social, Economic and Industrial development. These provided a set standard of tools that could be used in infinite ways to Comprehend, Communicate, Measure, Provide Consistency and a whole host of other benefits.

Numeracy and Literacy has allowed People and our endevours to develop, increase and move into new areas; they helped to supercharge the development and improvement of our countries and societies in uncountable ways.

I realised that if I could create a structure that had the same ability as Numeracy and Literacy; and this was focused on the relationship between how someone's Mind worked and how their Mind interacted with the environment within which their body existed; that this could begin to work with people's emotions, feelings, psychology, habit's, etc. in any environment, situation and in any circumstances.

This new approach would allow us to understand the parts of the Human Iceberg that have been hidden from us; but which influences and controls so many of the challenges which we face. We could begin to give these things Shape and Form that could be understood, worked with and measured.

This ability would then be able to be used across many different platforms, industry and business sectors; and with the complex personal problems and issues that people are facing with challenges such as Weight, Obesity, Diabetes, Depression, Stress, Anger and PTSD.

Looking at the Human Iceberg which forms, develops and grows the Challenges we face

What we have done which is different, is this:

We invented and developed a new, innovative and scalable process that provides a new type of Common Platform; that can work with the Logical and Unconscious Structures that influence and control the big, difficult and growing range of 21st Century Challenges - The Human Iceberg!

Our focus is on creating solutions with increased Reliability, higher Quality, higher Spec; that can produce Repeatable, Sustainable and Measurable Improvements.

Solutions that can work at the Logical level and at the level of the Unconscious Structures with both the Physical and Psychological Environments that create and sustain our greatest Challenges. With the capacity to do this at scale; while providing a process that can be tailored to and used by the individual. 

Providing Literacy for The Patterns & Structures of Human Behaviours & Human Activities

As part of this process we are working with new ways of understanding how Challenges are created, sustained and managed. This involves moving outside of the normal ways of looking at these Challenges; and looking at things like the Architecture of Problem Solving Cultures and how they help or hinder the process of problem management and achieving sustainable outcomes.

We are also working with "How" to reconfigure and leverage existing solutions so as to produce better results from existing infrastructure and budgeted expenditure. This involves looking beyond the problem itself and looking at how the problem development, problem management, problem understanding and other components come together to form the real structure of the Challenge.

To achieve this we have created a new type of Common Platform that can work with all of the above in an interchangeable way; and which can be tailored into an Application for the specific requirements of any Challenge or combination of Challenges. This provides both a personal and a structural process which increases the probability of achieving successful outcomes.

This new Common Platform provides the tools to help someone to become more Literate of the Patterns & Structures of their own, and other people's, Human Behaviours & Human Activities and the different Components which form the Architecture of their Iceberg Challenge.

For example; working with someone who has Obesity, with Depression and poor Lifestyle Management Skills. 

For example; working with Increasing Productivity, People Engagement, Quality Control and Problem Simplification in Industry, Businesses and Corporate Structures.

The Common Platform provides the tools and structures that allows us to design Applications, which can work with the overall Challenge Architecture and with the population group of that Challenge (The top and bottom of the Iceberg).

Start a new Programme for 21st Century Challenges with The Human Algorithm® Project

If you would like to start a new Programme based on and using our work, we would be interested in speaking to you about this.

We can provide all the help and assistance to set up a new Programme and we can tailor the Programme for the Hospital, Organisation, Community, Business, Industry or client group.

Our Programme is designed to work across any type of Challenge where Human Behaviours and Human Activities are present and influential.

Our Programme can be used with co-morbidity situations to provide a single common platform. In other situations our Programmes can be used with what we call "A Confusion of Problems" to separate Organisational, Industrial, Management and other issues, so that they can then be properly deal with.

We would provide ongoing help and support as part of the set-up package. We can run the Programme and we can support setting up in-house people to run the Programme under License. We provide ongoing quality control, training and support.

Please contact us to discuss. Contact Us 

Training for Businesses and Organisations that have Iceberg Challenges

We have been involved with Training, Consultancy and Teaching for many years. Our focus is on effective and useful Training that can go further than the conventional "Now you know!" information based training.

The approach we favour is called "Experiential Learning" and we combine this with our work with Human Dynamics, Problem Dynamics, Chaos Management, Problem Simplification; and working with the Architecture of Problem and Solution structures.

When we combine this with our knowledge, experience and expertise of The Human Algorithm® Project; it allows us to provide a very focused and relevant Training Experience that is tailored to any problem or problem group.

To find out more about Training and Workshops for Businesses and Organisations please click this link 

Consultancy & Think Tank for Iceberg Challenges

Our experience and expertise in this area has helped us to develop skills and abilities to look at complex issues, challenges and problems that Organisations, Corporations and Governments normally hire top Consultancy firms for.

We can provide a Consultancy and Think Tank approach to complex and complicated problems in any area and welcome inquiries for this. Our views and the ways that we look at things often brings in elements that are new.

We provide Consultancy to individuals, to organisations and businesses. To talk to us about consultancy please contact us. Contact Us

Joint Ventures, Licensees & Partnering Arrangements

We are looking to develop our business activities within the UK and outside of the UK in English speaking and non English speaking countries.

We are looking for Joint Ventures, Licensees and Partnering Arrangements. In the first instance please contact us about your interest and with details of your proposal.

A New Field; a New Way To Understand Iceberg Problems; a New Way To Work at Scale with Iceberg Challenges

Part of what I do is to see how a challenge can be better understood and strategically influenced; so as to change its architecture; and hence the outcomes it naturally produces. The work I do is so rare, that I began to develop it as a new Field and Discipline; understanding, working with and developing Human Algorithms®.

We are using this new Field, to pioneer the approach of developing Common Platforms that lots of people can use, to work with complex and difficult problems; in a practical, realistic and pragmatic way; that can be replicated and measured.

To do this work effectively; I have taken a long time to understand and work in "The Dark Space" where the real solutions to the major problems that people have, actually exist. I did this because I found that most people avoided dealing with this area because it is complex and difficult; we now own this Dark Space! 

By achieving better insights and understanding of the True Nature of Problems, Issues and Challenges; we believe that this can then inform New Types of Strategic Solutions; and New Configurations of existing solutions; so as to provide more effective and longer lasting positive outcomes that can be sustained.

Our focus in on providing exceptional solutions to the more complex and difficult problems, issues and challenges that involve or affect people. Our solutions are designed to work at scale and at the level of the individual through the use of Common Platforms, that are designed for general and specific applications.

We have created these Common Platforms to provide a Strategically Significant Influence on a Problem, Issue or Challenge; that may exist in any area where Human Behaviours and Human Activities are present.

This includes Lifestyle, Health, Well-being and Personal problems, issues and challenges that people face.

As well as working with People; our Common Platforms also work with the Processes, Structures, Systems, Organisations and the different connections that people have in their personal, social, work and organisational structures.

This means that this work carries across different fields, activities, structures, industries; and scales.

Our work is also intended to be used in different countries so as to create a Global Common Platform; akin to the Common Platforms of Numeracy and Literacy. Contact Us

Leadership & Management of 21st Century Challenges with The Human Algorithm

Examples of the Global Common Platform Applications we have created and which are available, are:

For working with Weight Problems, Obesity Issues and Type 2 Diabetes: Weight Control The Hi-Way©™  Read More 

For the dynamic Leadership & Management of Business and Organisational activities; for quality control, process management, problem simplification, performance improvement, change management, people engagement and contiguous improvement: Hi-Way lite©™  Read More 

Our Common Platforms can be tailored and designed to be used with 21st Century Challenges like Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD and other problems, issues and challenges that involve the Physical and Psychological domains. Each problem will use the same Solution Architecture and this creates a new way for different problem types to be understood and worked with. This also make this very useful in co-morbidity situations.

The Confluence©™is a new structure and system that we invented and developed. It provides a new way to understand the fundamental Architecture of Human Behaviours and Human Activities in Personal, Work, Social and Organisational Structures. This new model has been developed to work, in a dynamic way, with any Challenge that involves people.

Why Are We Developing A New Field to work with Iceberg Challenges?

Over 20-years ago, after looking at many different types of problems, I realised that there were some major flaws with how people understood the Architecture of problems and the solutions that were being applied to those problems.

When you are working with problems that exist at scale; such as Obesity, Diabetes, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD; People Engagement issues, Productivity, Etc. You need to understand that these problems are big and complex and that you have to consider the "Layers" which makes them big and complex.

Because doing this is difficult; People are focusing on the Problem and on applying a Solution to that problem. What they are not looking at and understanding is the Environment which created the Problem; the Environment within which the Solution is being applied; and the Environment within which the Solution needs to work. (They focus on working with the part of the problem that is above the water line and not that which is also below the water line)

This misunderstanding of the problem structure leads to wrongly configured solutions being applied and a reduction in the probability of successful outcomes being achieved and maintained. As this continues we use more resources to achieve less.

The Impact of Problem Solving Cultures on Large Scale Problems

Once a problem, issue or challenge has been around for some time; a "Problem Solving Culture" develops for understanding, managing and resolving those problems, issues and challenges. These can be at a Government level, Social level; Medical, Health and Welfare levels; and they can become part of the mythology and common knowledge of our different societies, systems and organisational structures.

As these Problem Solving Cultures develop, they are influenced by factors such as economic, social and organisation pressures. These pressures can further compromise systems which are already struggling to cope and provide measurable results.

Over time the Leadership and Management of the different organisations can find that improving, resolving and better managing the problems that they face simply becomes impossible because of the Problem Solving Culture that has developed. We want to help change this. Contact Us

Working With Symptoms And Causes To Create Sustainable Solutions


The reality is that with many problems, issues and challenges, the solutions that are applied should be part of a larger solution that is capable of working with the symptoms and causes of problems; this includes working with the Environment within which those problems develop and are sustained.

For example; a diet usually focuses on the symptom of being overweight, and it does not deal with what created and maintains the weight problem; this is the larger problem. Because of this limited focus, diet focused solutions usually fail because they can't work with enough of the problem architecture to make a sustainable difference.

Each of our Common Platform Applications (CPA's) provides a System that helps with managing the symptoms and causes; and developing Insights. They focus on helping the person to use the System and to develop a new Skill focused on understanding and managing the problem in a way that is sustainable over the mid to long term.


Our CPA's work with the Problem, Symptom and Environment at the Physical and Psychological levels.


The conventional solutions that are applied to problems can be plugged into the CPA at points that are tailored to achieve the best outcomes for the user; or new solutions can be designed and developed. Each CPA includes a method of mapping out the problem, recording progress and creating a profile that can become part of a library for problems and solutions; and the journey to success.


This in turn provides the profiles that can be used to increase the probability of successful outcomes for new users.


The Skill that the person learns through using the CPA is designed to be transferable; and it can be used in other areas of their personal, work and social life.


This project is full of Inventions, Innovations, Insights, New Ideas, New Systems, Structures, Processes and New Directions and Purpose. Contact Us 

Making Percentage (%) Changes To Large Scale Problems; Means Significant Numbers of People

The Common Platform approach allows us to introduce a sustainable and measurable positive influence into any problem, issue or challenge; that can change and improve the nature and structure of any problem, issue or challenge that involves Human Behaviours and Human Activities (The Human Algorithm®).

By applying that positive influence to a problem we are looking at positively changing the nature and structure of that problem. For example; if we can introduce a new Application to a group of problems: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Anger Management; and we can influence the total problem size by 5% - 10% - 15% - 20% or more; then we begin to influence the lives of substantial amounts of people and we begin to effect the resource that are required to service, manage and deal with the consequences of those problems.

As a result we have more people with better quality lives and organisations who can better manage and allocate their resources.*

* 5% per million people means 50,000 people's lives are improved. 20% per million people means 200,000 people's lives are improved. This has knock on effects on medication management, lifestyle management, quality of life in personal, work, social and organisational structures.

Applying that positive influence to an organisational or corporate structure would have the same focus of positively influencing part or all of that structure (These structures are also made up of Algorithms).

If the focus was on improving the overall performance then this could achieve improvements that could be measured in percentage terms that would translate into increased turnover, higher profitability, lower overheads, improved management and other advantageous outcomes.*

*A 5% increase in profitability per £10 million is £500,000. A 5% performance improvement on profitability of sales is £500,000 per £10 million of sales. A 5% reduction of management time increases the capacity of the business.

Additional Specialist Knowledge

We are a commercially focused business and we combine different skills, experiences and talents to create new and innovative ways of understanding and working with Human Behaviours and Human Activities. Because of this unusual mix we think and behave more like a creative studio.

What we do is more of an Art form that fusses with genius and insight into the theatre of Human Behaviours and Activities; and the different players that cross and interact on the stages of life and work.

We specialise in working with the Patterns and Structures (The Algorithms) of Human Behaviours and Human Activites in any environment or situation. We also work with the architecture and compatibility of problems and solutions; and the structures, systems, processes and organisational structures that support Human Behaviours and Activities (Also Algorithms).

This process can be thought of as working with: The Operating System and Applications of Human Behaviours and Activities and the results they produce. To change the results; change the way that the results are produced.

We work with these Human Algorithms® at the cognitive (awareness level) and at the non-cognitive level (outside of awareness). This combination is exceptional, as is our work in this area. Contact Us 

To support these areas we have specialist knowledge and skills and can speak authoritatively about a number of subjects including:

  • Developing The Human Algorithm® Common Platform.
  • Innovation, Inventing, Developing & Designing Projects, Business & Organisational Problem Solving.
  • Problem Simplification; redefining problem and solution structures.
  • Understanding Chaos and turning Chaos into Order.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Working with the Architecture of problem and solution structures; and designing Strategic Interventions.
  • Solving Weight Problems & the Obesity Issue. Working with type 2 Diabetes.
  • Life Improvement & Lifestyle Management.
  • Personal Problem Solving & Problem Management.
  • Taking the discipline of Martial Arts into our business and personal activities.

We currently have written 6 books associated with this project and 1 book associated with another project.

To speak to us about Application Development, Joint Ventures, Consultancy, Licensing, Training, Public Speaking and other services related to this work; please Contact Us.

All users of The Human Algorithm® Project are registered and licensed users.

The Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd works with The Human Algorithm Project.

The Human Algorithm® Project has been innovated, designed and developed by
Mr David J. Sheridan and Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

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