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Genesis Programmes for Depression, Stress, Anxiety, PTSD, Anger and other Personal Problems, Issues and Challenges  

Depression, Stress, Anxiety and other personal issues are increasing. When you are a professional working in a professional environment; it can be impossible to ring fence the affects of problems such as Depression; and stop it impacting your professional performance by leaching out into the work environment. 

If you are a Firm whose business is built upon the performance of professionals; then personal issues that are inflamed by the work environment are at risk of leaching out into the work environment. This leaching of negative forces can infect an Organisations ability and impact the performance of others.  

Areas that can be affected include; staff retention, productivity and ultimately the bottom line of Profitability.

Increasingly people will look at the workspace to see whether it was the cause or primary contributor to life debilitating conditions like Depression and this will lead to legal claims. 

Enlightened employers will realise the benefits to their organisations of using Training and Personal Development budgets to help employees, managers and owners. An employee who is helped to deal with difficult and debilitating problems is going to be a great long term employee and advert for that employer. 

The reality is that most firms with either have HR Departments or have access to HR Expertise. 

Your HR people may already have had meetings and provided training and support to those with and showing signs of Depression, Stress and other potentially debilitating conditions. Over the short term this may have worked but have you noticed signs of things returning to how they were? 

The reality is that HR is like any other department; it has its limits to the things which it can do. They are not really trained to work with complex and difficult problems at this level; we are. 

The reality is that we don’t do HR. We stick with our area of expertise and we are world class at it. 

Our area of expertise is working with difficult and complex problems, understanding their architecture and then creating new solutions that work over the medium to long term. 

For the last 25-years we have been doing this with The Human Algorithm® Project. We are a swim against the tide company and we have done that with innovation, design and solution provision for complex and difficult problems that involve people. 

All this work has produced The Genesis Programmes that we now use to work with a variety of conditions, such as; Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger Management, Weight Problems and Obesity Issues. 

If you or your organisation has an issue with Mental Health issues in the workplace, then please give me a call.

The Human Algorithm® Project has spent years looking at complex and difficult problems like Depression and developing a new approach to understanding and working with these types of problems.

The Genesis Programmes  

A Genesis Programme works with Emotional, Psychological and Behaviour Development. We call this a Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management Process™ that is based on The Human Algorithm® Pathway.  

Genesis Programmes are provided in 1-year long modules with a maximum of 46 sessions. This allows complex and difficult problems to be dealt with in module format and for the person to undertake their journey from the Problem to the Solution and beyond; with realistic time scales and the space for Experiential Learning.  

Some problems have a complexity which requires more than 1 module and where this is the case a stepped approach will be used. 

Each programme has a Programme Manager to provide guidance and support throughout the Programme. 

Where suitable; Programmes can be delivered to the Employee at the workplace or at an external venue. Privacy and confidentiality are important factors when considering these options. 

On successful completion of a Programme the participant is given a Certificate of Achievement and License to continue to use our material for their own benefit. Going forward we may continue to provide the person with Programme updates and any ongoing support as required by the employer. 

A Genesis Programme has been designed to provide an Ecosystem within which Therapeutic, Medical and other approaches can work. The Ecosystem provides a Common Platform that other approaches can fit into and use; to measure, control and adjust what they do. For example; someone with a condition like Depression may require medication from their GP. We work with this and other issues as part of the Programme. 

When we use a Genesis Programme it provides the structure, systems and processes required to understand the problem in a new way and to help the user to achieve and sustain positive outcomes. 

Someone with a complex and difficult Problem composition can then undertake a Genesis Programme that works through their problem composition in a substantial way.

The Human Algorithm® Project has the view, that for many people, their Brains do not have use of the right structures, skills and information; for their Minds to be able to understand, work with, process, manage and generally deal with what may be causing or contributing to what they feel and experience. 

If there is missing information, missing structures, an inability to focus on the right things; if there is the belief that it won’t really work this time but I hope that it might; then how do we introduce the missing pieces to the puzzle that can really make a difference to the Brain, the Mind and ultimately, the Person and the problems that they experience? 

This is what the Genesis Programme is designed to do.


As a guide, in a Genesis Programme we will be dealing with:  

·         The Problem, Health, Me! Relationship   

·         The Lifestyle Management System   

·         Understanding and using The Problem Scale™  

·         Understanding and using The Human Algorithm® Pathway  

·         The Human Intelligence (Hi) Common Platform™ 

·         The Relationship Management System   

·         The Emotional Management System   

·         Problem simplification 

·         The Psychological Management System and;   

·         The Behaviour Management System.   

·         Issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, Etc.   

We work allowing proper time scales and having realistic expectations for the person's progress, this allows new things to be experienced and locked in place. Once locked in place it becomes difficult for recidivist behaviours to emerge (it’s more difficult for someone to return to what they were doing before).

We have to acknowledge that entry to a Genesis Programme is by an informal interview process. This is because not everyone is going to be suitable and they may not be ready or able to undertake the Programme at that time. Where this is the case other work and Programmes that form part of The Human Algorithm® Pathway may be suitable and can form a foundation that can be used later on. 

Please contact us to discuss any possible issues that you have.


Why we work with Problem Architecture & The Human Algorithm®  

When we understand the Architecture of Problems; we can see that all problems are created by a blend of Human Algorithms®. This blend forms a malleable foundation stone of What people do and How and Why they do it.  

This means that if we can understand and change the blend of people's Human Algorithm's® and the blend of The Human Algorithm's® of the problem structures; then we can create real and sustainable improvements and change at both the level of the individual and at scale: Change that is resistant to recidivist behaviours. 

The HAP Architecture can provide: 

·         Emotional & Psychological Development & Management   

·         Strategic Lifestyle Development & Management    

·         Problem Simplification    

·         Behaviour Development & Management    

·         Life Skills Development   

·         Business Skills Development   

·         Personal Development & Management   

·         Problem & Solution Matching   

·         Mind & Behaviour Development & Management  

·         A Common Method of Communication and Comprehension; like Numeracy & Literacy   

·         Developing & Managing a new Skill Set   

To be effective with creating the conditions for change we need to be able to get too and work with The Human Algorithm® Genesis Points. These are the points where real change becomes possible. 

Doing this is where the difficulties are and this is why so many Solutions have a low probability of achieving change that is sustainable over the medium to long term; when working with difficult and complex problems. 

Our Genesis Programmes are designed to create "The Condition of Possibility" from which The Genesis Points come. Once the right conditions are created then change naturally occurs. 

The Genesis Programmes can be used by Adults and Children across different problems, issues and challenges. Contact us if this is of interest to you.

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If you would like to find out about working with us and the use of The Genesis Programmes or other work from The Human Algorithm® Project; please contact Mr David J. Sheridan. 

We are looking to work inside and outside of the UK. 

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