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Human Behaviour Consultants

We specialise in working with Human Behaviour in any situation where Human Behaviour is an influential and relevant factor.

This includes Psycho-Somatic problems (Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Confidence, Self Esteem, Eating Disorders, Etc.); Behaviour Development; Behaviour Change; Team Development; Business Development; Problem Management; Crisis Management and Problem Resolution.

We achieve high quality outcomes through using the Foundation Human Algorithm® to understand patterns of behaviours that are often hidden; and The Human Dynamics Matrix to understand the operating Zone and what needs to be done to achieve successful outcomes.

The Problem Pyramid & Problem Populations

Our work with Human Algorithm's® shows us that at any one time about 15% of any problem population (As an example; all those with weight problems in a country would be the problem population) is in a position to fix and improve their problem. They are in the top of the Problem Pyramid and if they take the right actions, over the right period of time, their problems will change (Their probability to achieve a successful outcome is increased when they are in the top of the Problem Pyramid).

This means that about 85% of any problem population are not in the right position to fix and improve their problem. This applies across personal, business, organisational and any other structure, system or process which involves Human Behaviour.

Our work focuses on understanding when the top of the Problem Pyramid is relevant and when it isn't. We also focus on moving more problems from the bottom of the problem pyramid to the top and then fixing them. 

The reality of problem solving is limited as shown in the Pyramid.


Original Thinking

Over the course of many years, we have looked at many problems. We have provided our view and often our view and approach has been considered original. As time passes our analysis has proven correct and the outcomes that we voiced have come to pass.

Our work with creating The Human Algorithm® Project has given us original material and structures that we can use for problem analysis, measuring progress and achieving insights into complex and difficult problem structures. It also allows us to create effective and long lasting approaches to solving and managing problems. Including the creation of better systems, processes and structures.

Our approach helps us to see and understand the invisible forces that create Emotional and Psychological influences on people and the Behaviours and Activities they engage in.

What we do can be applied at a large and small scale. From a large organisational structure, to medium sized businesses, to individuals.

Our work has excellence and quality at its heart.

Problem Mastery Programmes

At the personal level we provide programmes that are designed to help someone move into the top of the Problem Pyramid. This leads to a new understanding and engagement with the problems they experience. Over the course of the programme we help them to improve, fix and change their relationship with their problems so as to give them freedom from it and Mastery over it.

We work with all type of problems, from Depression to Eating Disorders; Weight and Obesity; Anxiety and PTSD.

For example;

  1. Most of the time, people with weight problems are in a position where they will fail with dieting and weight control. They are in the bottom of the Problem Pyramid for Dieting. This is regardless of whether they go to organisations like Weight Watchers; Slimming World or are using dieting products.


    Over time: About 15% of all those with weight problems will move in and out of the top of the pyramid and while they are in this Zone they have an increased probability that they will succeed with dieting and weight control. If they focus simply on losing weight.


    Between these two zones there is the Maybe Zone. When someone is in this zone, if enough things go right then they may be able to move into the top of the Problem Pyramid. Usually they migrate back to the bottom.


    The challenge with all weight control and dieting programmes is in two parts;


  2. How do they get more people into the top of the pyramid of dieting? 
  3. How do they then increase the long term success of those in the top of the pyramid? 

    This is what The Human Algorithm consultancy has focused on achieving: A process that works with individual problems to produce more effective sustainable long term results, that can be replicated.


    To achieve this we provide Problem Mastery Programmes with a focus on understanding, managing and resolving any type of problem. Including Stress; Relationships; Anxiety; Eating Disorders; Weight Problems.


To find out more about the Problem Mastery Programmes for Weight, Depression, Stress, Anxiety and other issues; please call us on 07787 503646

Building Better Business & Organisational Structures 

When it comes to looking at and understanding how to make a business or organisation better; the Problem Triangle also applies.


Because a business is making a profit or claiming to be hitting its share holder objectives; it does not mean that it is problem free or that it has not lost its way.


Often a business or organisation fails a long time before there is public awareness of failure.


We can work with business and organisations across a wide range of issues. Including the Tempo of the business dynamics (How things are really working together and how to improve them).


We use our knowledge, experience and expertise to filter business and organisational structures into Zones. Those that are working and those that are not. We then continue this process with units and teams to establish an architecture that we can use to begin to improve and change the existing structure and lift it from the bottom of the Problem Pyramid to the top.


We don't attempt to blind our clients with pseudoscience. Instead we focus on pragmatic reality and achieving measurable sustainable results. As a result of this approach we often end up working with a variety of hybrid problems and challenges.


We do this through a mixture of Consultancy, Mentoring, Training, Challenging and Advisory work. 


We are happy to take a paid look at any problem, issue or challenge to see how we can help.


To discuss any issue of concern please contact David Sheridan on 07787 503646 or email on  



In the process of creating this project a number of books related to the work of The Human Algorithm® Project and understanding and working with weight control problems and other complex issues have been written. Material from these books is used in our Programmes and in our work with Organisations and Businesses.

David J. Sheridan at the Swiss Embassy in London

Mr. David J. Sheridan

The books have been written by Mr David J. Sheridan. The book titles include the following 6 titles which are available from Amazon:

Self Esteem for Imperfect People

The Perfect Life Diet for Imperfect People with Weight Problems

An Introduction to The Human Dynamics Matrix

Weight Control The Hi-Way

Inspire & Motivate Yourself to Achieve Something Positive!

From Fat to Slim in 3 Steps



The Human Algorithm® Project has been innovated, designed and developed by Mr David J. Sheridan and Lifestyle Services Corporation Ltd.

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