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My name is David J. Sheridan.

I have created a Consultancy that does something new and different for people, businesses and organisations.

My interest is in how the Patterns, Structures, Activites and Systems of Human Behaviours create and maintains problems and challenges in our personal lives and in work environments.

I am also interested in how this then transfers into human created structures, system, processes and activities such as businesses and organisational structures and the activities they engage in. 

The objective was that through using new knowledge and understanding; I would be able to create new structures, systems and processes that helped with creating new insights and for working to help improve and change people and the environments within which they lived and worked.

Why You Need To Think Differently to Achieve and Maintain Change!

Difficult and complex problems are not often fixed by singular and simplistic solutions.

This singular and simplistic approach is wide spread and although it can often create a short term solution; it usually does not provide a long term fix to a problem by influencing and changing the problem architecture; this is what we aim to do!

Instead of a partial fix what I wanted to do was to create more effective 360°Solutions. Something that was capable of changing the architecture of a problem structure to produce more sustainable and longer lasting results.

It was this new 360° approach that I have been working on with The Human Algorithm® project. To provide better problem capable solutions and more relevant and focused Consultancy to deal with complex and challenging problems.

My focus was that I wanted to bring a new Vision, a new Plan and a new Way of understanding and working with this type of problem.

You can now benefit from this work. Please contact me to arrange a free consultation on (44) 07787 503646

Creating More Effective 360° Solutions For Personal & Business Use

I have found that many people, in different professions fail to understand that every problem has an architecture and that every solution has an architecture. The better that these two match the higher the probability of achieving a successful outcome.

A failure to understand the real architecture of problems is evident in the growing number of people with complex and difficult problems. For example:

Persistent weight problems, Obesity, Eating Disorders.

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Anger Management.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (P.T.S.D), Addictions.

Business and Organisational Challenges.

All of these have singular and simplistic solutions that are applied and which fail to improve and fix the problem over the medium to long term.

For example:

A diet and Clinical Medication.

Ineffective Consultancy & Training.

To achieve Change we need to think and behave differently

When we work with someone we are, in effect, helping them to change their culture from a negative one to a positive one; we can use a Problem Mastery Programme to work with individuals and provide the structure and support that they need.

As an original thinker, I began to take this thinking into understanding the operation of business and organisation structures and how to influence and change them.

If we think of the difficult and complex issues that are faced in the workplace and what is required to change them; we see that the reality is that we often have to deal with Hybrid problems. A collection of connected and interrelated challenges, like a spiders web, a spiders web that runs through the structure and that needs sorting out.

This approach to understanding and working with the operations of businesses and organisations becomes more valuable when we consider that they need to grasp complex and difficult challenges and deal with issues such as Culture Change.

Robust Culture Change

There can be a lot of initial drivers behind the need or desire for Culture Change; improving overall performance, staff retention, increasing turnover, a flawed business model, declining business performance, losing control of the business, new management, etc.

The objective is to change one or more outcomes for better and more desirable ones; on a sustainable basis. 

With an individual it is simpler; we can create a programme which provides all the support, new information, new structures, training, philosophy, consultancy and mentoring they need to change. We can also deal with set backs and failures through that structure.

Larger organisations are more complex but the principles and requirements are similar. We can use this knowledge and experience to work in a 360° way to influence and change larger scale cultures.

Please contact me to have a free initial consultation. Tel: (44) 07787 50646 David J. Sheridan

Problem Mastery Programmes; A More Effective 360° Solution

I have created Problem Mastery Programmes to work with psycho-somatic problems that individuals experience.

For example; someone with Persistent weight problems will try many diets, diet products and exercises. For most this will not work. Although they may lose weight they won’t lose their weight problem. It keeps coming back.

The diet they follow alleviates the persistent weight problem but it does not fix it. It requires a 360° Solution to do that.

So I created a Problem Mastery Programme that focuses on achieving Weight Control and not on weight loss; to provide a better problem capable solution for persistent weight control problems. These solutions are more problem capable than those provided by Weight Watchers and Slimming world.

I use the programme to teach someone new skills, new understandings of the things that they experience and how to achieve long term control of the problem. Using the Programmes I work with the Physical, the Emotional and the Psychological aspects of the problem. This is the 360°approach!

I provide Problem Mastery Programmes for:

Persistent Weight Problems, Obesity, Eating Disorders.

Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Confidence & Self Esteem.

Anger Management, Life Skills Development.

For adults and children.

I use the same 360° approach when working with organisations on issues such as Culture Change as these are complex and challenging things to do.

I have a separate website for persistent weight problems, Obesity and Eating Disorders: Click Here! 

Improving Staff Retention and Employment Costs

There is an increasing awareness of Mental and Emotional issues affecting employees. These are being generated through workplace conditions and they are also being brought into the workplace from home.

If you think about it; a business has to spend a lot of time and effort getting the right people.

Why lose those valuable employees due to a problem such as Depression, Stress, Anxiety or Anger Management that is affecting their performance and attitude in the workspace. 

In many instances staff can be on extended sick leave and not be receiving the support and help that they really need.

We can help you to keep highly valued staff and support the reduction in extended sick leave.

Adding Strength To The Human Resources (HR) Function & Employee Welfare Programmes

In the workspace HR helps to manage and control the Human Capital of the business or organisation. The role can be challenging and difficult.

At times HR needs to bring in outside resources. Our Consultancy sees itself as one of those resources.

HR Departments are increasingly aware that Mental Health at work is a growing issue of concern. This is an iceberg and HR is seeing the tip.

In reality having an awareness of Mental Health does not prepare someone to deal with it effectively. How is HR expected to deal with Depression, Stress, Anxiety, Anger, An inability to cope; and other Mental Health issues that can affect your key staff?

We have found that few people are aware that the complex problems that are emerging in the workplace are from a problem group called: Psycho-somatic.

Psycho-somatic problems consist of Emotional, Mental and Physical aspects. Problems that fall into this category are those where the problem is expressed Physically; as in someone is depressed, overweight, drinking too much - Physical symptoms. But where the roots of the problem are in the Emotional and Mental spaces. These problems can be very complex and challenging to deal with effectively.

My Consultancy has specialised in understanding and working with Psycho-somatic problems.

We have developed Problem Mastery Programmes for executives and senior managers that we provide along with Consultancy.

These can be delivered in the workplace and we can provide our Programmes as part of an Employee Welfare Programme. 

If a company pays for the Problem Mastery Programme for their employee; it is cheaper that getting rid of the employee and then finding and training a replacement.

This positive approach also gives a positive message to other employees who may be struggling but hiding their problems.

Please call me to arrange a free consultation or to have a chat: David J. Sheridan 07787 503646 

Why you should use my Consultancy 

I have developed an original expertise for understanding and working with the architecture of problems where people are involved. This includes working with the Patterns, Structures and Systems of problems.

My original expertise also involves working with the things that people create; such as businesses and organisational structures; and how to influence and change them.

I can work with difficult and challenging problems such as Culture Change and changing Problem Solving Cultures.

I created The Human Algorithm® Project.

I own all the Intellectual Property created and by The Human Algorithm® Project and used in my Consultancy.

I designed and developed the Problem Mastery Programmes.

I have a great deal of experience of working with people and helping them to resolve complex and difficult problems.

I provide a confidential service, of high quality at a reasonable price. 

Contact me, David J. Sheridan, on (44) 07787 503646 or Email: